Chemular - Regulatory Compliance Experts

About Chemular

Advancing best practices in manufacturing e-liquids, and helping the vaping industry to achieve excellence, mitigate risk, and improve operations.

Chemular was founded in 2015 and built on the experience of our Senior Partners from the Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device industries. Working directly with Competent Authorities, health ministries and the US FDA for more than 20 years we assist companies with global regulatory strategy, US, PMTA submissions, quality management systems development and certification, and business development. 

The founders of Chemular include a former FDA investigator and experts in the US Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act. Working as trusted coaches and consultants, Chemular’s experts help clients mitigate risk, improve operations and advance good business practices.

Chemular is headquartered in Hudson, MI, and we have offices in Northern California, Southern California, and Florida.

Our strengths and core competencies:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Quality Management Systems Implementation and Certification
  • Product Testing
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Submissions
  • Internal and Certification Audits
  • FDA Inspection

The benefits of working with Chemular are:

  • We can help you access markets more efficiently
  • We have a long history working with FDA and Competent Authorities
  • Your intellectual property is safe with us
  • We provide accurate, realistic project budgets
  • We provide frequent updates and peer review all projects
  • Our primary goal is your success

Meet our Management Team