Abstract: A pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of a new 3 and 6 mg/ml nicotine e-liquid (OG Blue from Liquid Labs LLC) was conducted comparing the new products to own brand cigarettes and 4 mg Nicorette nicotine gum. The randomized, open label, crossover clinical study was completed in 27 smokers to measure nicotine plasma levels and subjective effects of product use. Subjects used the products under controlled conditions and blood was collected prior to and for up to 180 minutes following use. The ability of the products to satisfy the urge to smoke over the short term was assessed using the “Urges to Smoke” question in the Tobacco/Nicotine Withdrawal Questionnaire (TNWQ), and positive effects were assessed using the “Is the product ‘Pleasant’ right now?” question in the Direct Effects of Product Questionnaire (DEPQ); both were administered as 100-point VAS. Peak (Cmax) and overall (AUC) nicotine exposure for the 2 e-liquids was less than the 4 mg nicotine gum and significantly lower than own-brand cigarettes. Overall, the 3 mg and 6 mg products were rated to be similarly pleasant and effective in reducing the urge to smoke compared with own- brand cigarette, despite significantly lower nicotine exposure.

Ed Carmines, Karen Carmines, Lise Fraissinet, Naama Levy- Cooperman

Affiliations: Chemular, Inc, Hudson, MI, Altreos Research Partners Inc, Toronto, CN

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